I've been fortunate enough to work with Mellarium for the past few years. Because the restaurant industry is in a constant state of trend chasing, keeping our look up is a necessity. Kristen has surpassed all expectations with our cyber-world image. She's designed beautiful, user-friendly websites and has kept up with all of the updates (between specials, fundraisers & live entertainment, there's quite a bit) extremely efficiently. Mellarium has allowed me to focus more on the in-house workings of the industry while knowing that all of our web & social media needs are taken care of. 
~ Kristen Olsen • Manager, Grumpy's Ale House

We are a start-up technology company. Mellarium has handled all of our marketing and design from the get go and played a pivotal role in helping us develop a wonderful brand. Be it investor presentations, business cards, letterheads, brochures, website, advertising, trade booth, uniforms and even our company vehicles - they covered it all and ensured consistency with a creative style! Kristen goes the extra mile and nothing is too inconvenient when needed. And all at a fair price. We strongly endorse their work and professionalism. 
~ David Buckley • President, Glanola North America

Oh! Where to begin - Kristen and Mellarium are amazing; they are true talented professionals, and we love what they do! We connected with them when our business was just starting out. It was important to do the basics right, in order to be able to build on the theme as our business grew. We needed a brand, a theme, and an identity. And it started with a logo… one that four years later we are not only STILL in love with, but that has been and still is the foundation for everything else we've done. The initial graphics and logo captured us perfectly! and we have gone on to include signage (oh! the fabulousness of the neon sign!), mailers, the website, stunning business cards, advertising layouts, the works! The level of creativity, fun, resources, and out of the box ideas provided by Kristen for our needs gets us noticed. And should get MELLARIUM noticed a whole lot more! We can't thank them or recommend them enough. ~ Amy Thompson • Owner, Taps Decorative Plumbing